Model E8T - Sheaffer Balance Oversize Green Striped Lever Fill (Visulated)- Made in USA.
Green and black striped radite cap and barrel, with gold plated trim, fitted with a 14K solid gold Sheaffer number 8 Lifetime nib with platinum overlay. The cap as a 1/8" band and a flat ball radius style clip with white dot, the barrel incorporates the lever filling system with a visulated gripping section.
The Dates and Sizes shown below are an approximate guide.
Circa - 1937 to End of Line during in the1940's
Length of Pen Capped - 5.55" (141.1mm)
Nib Point to end of Barrel 4.81"(122.3mm)
Length of cap 2.64" (67.1mm)
Diameter of Cap 0.59"(15mm)