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Sheaffer Legacy Victorian II Fountain pen.

Fountain pens of Japan book by Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami offer price $262.50

Classic Pens LM1 Flame Red Limited Edition Fountain Pen at a special price of $545 including free shipping the the USA .Please contact us for payment details.

The Classic Pens Inc Legend Flame Red LM1 is limited to 500 pens of which 375 are Fountains and 125 are rollerballs. The RRP of the fountain pens is $695.

The sheaffer imperial triumph collection was re-introduced in 1995.This style of sheaffer pen is one of the longest running pens in sheaffer's history spanning around forty years of production.The first sheaffer imperial pens appeared around 1960 and had the touchdown filling system .

The sheaffer imperial triumph ballpens have the famous Reminder clip.The sheaffer imperial triumph fountain pens have the famous classic sheaffer inlaid nib.

The Sheaffer Connaisseur reference list can be used to identify your sheaffer connaisseur fountain pen.

Sheaffer grand connaisseur pens,were first produced in the UK it was only when they became more popular that production was moved to Sheaffers Fort Madison plant USA.You can visit Dennis Bowden's website from the Sheaffer Connaisseur reference page for more info on the sheaffer connaisseur.

Sheaffer Valor fountain pen, Sheaffer Valor Black PT fountain pen, Sheaffer valor burgundy ballpen , sheaffer valor brown rollerball pen, sheaffer valor deep blue fountain pen, sheaffer valor.

Sheaffer legacy heritage fountain pens, sheaffer legacy heritage pens, sheaffer legacy pens, sheaffer heriitage pens. sheaffer legacy 1 pens, sheaffer legacy 2 pens.

Sheaffer Nostalgia is a sterling silver overlay pen also made in vermeil, the nostalgia pens were made in a floral etched pattern in 1992, these sheaffer nostalgia pens had a solid cap and barrel .The shaeffer nostalgia etched floral pens were still made in sterling silver and vermeil and complete with sheaffers scrolled 18kt nibs. The nostalgia was first introduced with a 14kt nib , sheaffer changed the nostalgia nib to 18kt solid gold later into the production of the Sheaffer nostalgia.

The first edition Sheaffer Crest pens appeared in a 1989 catalogue for one year only,it is still unclear if these early shaeffer crest pens were put into full production.The sheaffer 1st edition crest fountain pens had a steel two tone nib and were made by Sheaffer Pens in England.The 2nd edition sheaffer crest fountain pens were fitted with a 18kt solid gold nib and made in Fort Madison Iowa by Sheaffer Pens USA.Please use the sheaffer crest reference list to identify your sheaffer crest fountain pen. Please use the sheaffer targa reference list to find your sheaffer targa fountain pen.

Sheaffer Legacy Reference list can be used to find your sheaffer legacy markI, shaeffer legacy markII or sheaffer legacy heritage pens.

For sale sheaffer legacy roaring 20's limited edition fountain pen RRP £699

Sheaffer intrigue reference list .Please use the sheaffer intrigue list to identify your sheaffer intigue fountain pen.

Sheaffer balance, the modern sheaffer balance made in the late ninties.Please use the sheaffer balance reference list to identify your sheaffer balance fountain pen

First produced in 1976 the "Targa by Sheaffer" owes its name to the Targa Florio, an open road endurance race held near Palermo Sicily. Founded in 1906 it was one of the oldest sports car racing events until it was stopped in 1977, it is now run as a rallying event.

The sheaffer targa fitted with the iconic inlaid nib has been sold in over 70 different finishes, a total of around 120 fountain pens in classic and slimline. The classic fountain pen was the first size made in 1976,with trends in the early eighties leaning towards a sleeker look the slim model was introduced in 1982.

The sheaffer stainless steel fountain pen with a steel nib was the starting point of the range . At the top of the range was the solid gold masterpiece with an 18kt solid gold nib, and had a retail value that peaked at £4750 in 1992. In between these two pens are a vast array of finishes including chrome, matte, laque, brass, silver and gold plate.

I was once told and I quote, "the Sheaffer Targa pen is like a lady who has been dressed in every conceivable outfit". It certainly has a pen for every man's pocket or every ladies purse.
During its 23 years of production, spanning three decades, the Sheaffer Targa was only discounted in the later years of production, a policy that kept the model sort after, therefore maintaining its retail price.

Away from the normal stock lines Sheaffer pens produced a few Sheaffer Targas in special editions like the two made for Harrods of London. The first was made in 1988 an emerald green fountain pen with translucent green lacquer over moire guilloche engraving; only 60 pieces out of 250 left the factory for retail sale. The second fountain pen came out in 1989 a stunning ivoire pen with spiral guilloche engraving covered with an opaque white lacquer; around 100 pieces were made of this model.

In 1988 a leather look finish was produced in a gift set of fountain pen, ballpen and watch, the finish resembled the dry plains of Africa, a wooden pen was made in France during 1989 and is know as the Palissandre de Rio.

One of the more expensive sheaffer pens at the time was the Fred force 10, a venture with Fred Joaillier and was introduced in February 1992 with a retail value of £330. The pen is quite unique with its ornament on the pen cap different from all other targas, the body of the pen had a palladium plated nautical cable pattern and was fitted with an 18kt solid gold nib.

Only one limited edition was produced in co-operation with classic pens, limited to 250 pens worldwide, it was the first of the classic pens made and is known as CP1. The pen is sterling silver with a gold plated clip and cut with the vannerie pattern.sheaffer pens. The sheaffer pen company.


Classsis pens Inc the CP1, CP2 and CP4 Sheaffer pens by Classic pens and Murelli France .The CP4 pens have the most beautiful designs and have been produce in many different prototypes.The CP4 moire , CP4 railway lines, CP4 diamonds.

The Classic Pens CP8 Murelli pen in Flamme and Vannerie are the first in the series to me made purely by Classic pens Inc .


Classic Pens inc Jupiter limited edition pens, made by paul rossi.

The LB3 Jupiter is an exquisite inlay design of the planet, its four main moons and the heavens at night. It is handcrafted by the multi-talented artist Paul Rossi, to the demanding quality standards of Classic Pens. The canvas for this exclusive design introduces the Legend™ pen. Legend™ is a Classic Pens trademark. It is the very first pen model developed and produced by the company, it marks a new beginning and celebrates the Twentieth Anniversary of Classic Pens.


Classic pens ZJ1 Mozaique handmade fountain pens for sale at sheaffertarga.com .In Solid silver with handmade silver clip by Paul Rossi.Classic pens ZJ1 Mozaique fountain pen in silver is a limited edition of 25 pieces.Classic pens inc ZJ1 mozaique handmade fountain pen in solid silver, rose gold vermeil,yellow gold vermeil and solid gold.


The Classic pens CP8 Vannerie vermeil Trim and the CP8 Flamme Vermeil trim is availble in a fountain pen and roller ballpen The Classic pens CP8 Vannerie rhodium over silver Trim and the CP8 Flamme Rhodium over silver trim is availble in a fountain pen and roller ballpen.All can be purchase from www.sheaffertarga.com .

In conclusion the Sheaffer Targa had the quality engineering and style of an American pen, but was given another dimension with the artisan flair of the European finishes making the sheaffer targa a true modern classic, also available in slimline!sheaffer pens.

Sheaffer pens can be found for sale on the links on the homepage.

shaeffer pens. sheeffer pens for sale.

Sheaffer fountain pens with the inlaid nib,write smoothly and with a consistant flow of ink,sadly they are no longer made in the USA.

The year: 1912. The place: Fort Madison, Iowa. Walter A. Sheaffer takes his grand idea of a pen-filling apparatus that utilizes a lever system and, with his life savings, founds the W.A. Sheaffer company. The physical space of the company is a modest one - the backroom of Mr. Sheaffer's jewelry store - but the vision of the company is much more than modest. Nearly a century later, we continue to offer generation after generation innovative, reliable and stylish writing instruments. These pens are used worldwide by loyal and diverse friends who appreciate elegance and class. We look back to the nostalgic past, to simpler times when a look in the eye and a hand shake was the norm. We look to the abundant future, by redefining the fashion of written communication in our technological world. You have a signature. And Sheaffer gives you the power to show the world what it is.